MusicFest Adriatica-San Marino

Icon January 20, 2017
Icon By Goran-02
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The Republic of San Marino, with an area of only 61 kmq, is situated between the Italian regions of Romagna and Marche, only a few kilometers from the Adriatic sea coast. According to the legend, San Marino was founded in 301 A.D. by a Dalmatian stonemason Marino. He came there to hide from the Roman emperor Diocletian in the period of the Christian persecution. Since that time this small state has been proud of its liberty and in the past it has been able to constantly defend its independence. Its territory is partly dominated by the limestone hills and the Mount Titan (738m) on which stands the capital San Marino, a picturesque town protected by walls and castles that dominate from above the surrounding regions. Millions of visitors flock every year in San Marino to visit the narrow streets and its famous towers from whose top you can get a magnificent view from this natural balcony on Italy. The Republic of San Marino is not only one of the smallest but also the world`s oldest republic in the world. During the meeting of the bands we offer two options of performances. An evening concert in the pedestrian area of Riccione and a concert on the square in front of the Public Palace in the Republic of San Marino. Through these two concerts are in two completely different places you can experience the beauty of the Adriatic coast and the hinterland of San Marino. You also have the opportunity to meet other international people and lovers of band music.


Day 1: Arrival in late afternoon to the hotel in San Marino or Rimini/Riccione. Meeting of the guide; welcome drink and check-in. Dinner at the hotel. After diner – free time.

Day 2: Breakfast in the hotel; the morning is free for the participants. Departure at noon for the official opening of the festival, with a welcoming glass of wine. The afternoon is free for individual activities. Dinner at the hotel and departure for the evening concert in the pedestrian area of Riccione.

Day 3: Breakfast in the hotel; meeting of the guide in the hotel and departure for the guided tour of San Marino. During the afternoon a concert is planned on the square in front of the Public Palace in San Marino. Dinner at a restaurant along with the other participating bands.

Day 4: Breakfast in the hotel and return home.