Information for Apartments Owners

  • What we do?
    MARCO POLO TOURS has built its reputation over the years by providing its clients with quality rentals as well as going above-and-beyond expectations with our customer services.
  • Advertising & marketing
    We use a multi-channel approach and find that our property owners and renters like the fact we advertise beyond our website.  By using many of the popular industry portals available to us we encourage maximum exposure for our property portfolio.  We also pride ourselves on our ability to personally get to know guests in order to tailor our services which leads to greater customer satisfaction and in turn increases returning guests.
  • Latest technology
    As we all know, technology is ever-changing; we have therefore invested significantly to ensure our systems and website follow suit.  Our new website can be accessed and navigated by both clients and guests effectively, regardless if you are using a desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet.  Our search and booking engine is user friendly, and properties can been viewed easily with large smart photography.
  • Excellence and integrity
    We understand that as a property owner you have many choices to make, and that you want to both protect and maximise the investment you have made into your property. That is why we are here, to offer you the knowledge and experience of our team, who can provide the best in property care and cleaning, use tried and tested cost-saving procedures, as well as implementing a marketing program to get you the occupancy levels you require.
  • Contact us today
    If you like the sound of who we are, what we stand for and how we work, please contact us today either by clicking here to email or by phone on +385 91 5180616. We will happily talk to you about your property, your goals and expectations, to see if our approach and experience is right for you.